The 15-Minute Guide to Smarter Changeovers and Set-Ups


The 15-Minute Guide to Smarter Changeovers and Set-Ups book explains the system used for improving changeovers and set-ups, commonly called the SMED system or Single Minute Exchange of Dies.

The principles employed in this technique have formed the basis of set-up and changeover reduction techniques in many industries, including the service sector, where this provides a potential for productivity gains. Manufacturers and service industries are operating in an increasingly competitive global marketplace, and it is important that all their resources are efficiently and effectively adding value for the customer.

The smooth flow and speed of all processes is critical to the success of the business, and the resulting reduction in the changeover time between jobs for example on a milling machine, or in a continuous process helps cash flow and profits!

In this short introductory guide we explore the characteristics of the SMED technique along with some simple examples and how to start using these tools and techniques in the workplace.

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2 Changeovers and Set-Ups 5
3 The Single Minute Exchange of Dies or ‘SMED’ Process 7
3.1 STEP 1 Document the current changeover process 8
3.2 STEP 2 Set an Improvement Target 9
3.3 STEP 3 Separate Internal and External Elements 9
3.4 STEP 4 Convert Internal Elements to External Elements where possible 9
3.5 STEP 5 Streamline the remaining Internal Elements 11
3.6 STEP 6 Streamline the External Elements 14
3.7 STEP 7 Document the new procedure and train all involved 15
4 The Benefits of SMED 16
5 About the author 17

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