What are Greenhouse Gases- Why focus on Carbon Dioxide?

Greenhouse gases (GHG) are gases in Earth’s atmosphere that trap heat.

They let sunlight pass through the atmosphere, but they prevent the heat (that the sunlight brings) from leaving the atmosphere, hence the term ‘Greenhouse Gas’. Therefore without these gases the earth would quickly freeze to around -18˚C (0˚Fahrenheit).


Earth’s atmosphere is made up of :

  • 78.09% nitrogen,
  • 20.95% oxygen,
  • and 0.93% argon.

The remaining 0.03%, contains such trace gases as water vapor, ozone and carbon dioxide (CO2).

Incredibly, those  0.03% of trace gases have huge effects on Earth’s climate, and Carbon Dioxide is the most prominent greenhouse gas amounting to 69% of the 0.03%.


Why is this small percentage of CO2 so damaging to our environment?

Because scientists have established that most of it hangs around in the atmosphere for between 300 and  1000 years. About 10% of CO2 can remain there for up to 10,000 years.

Therefore as we continue to overload the atmosphere by releasing more and more CO2 into the atmosphere than can be absorbed by plants, trees, vegetation, oceans and soils, we are warming our planet to the extent that the climate changes we have experienced become irreversible!

We all need to show leadership and do those little things to reduce our carbon footprint.


At AIM Professional Services we are working with SME’s to help them achieve Net Zero emissions. Working with our colleagues Wylde Connections we hope to encourage many more SME’s to show leadership and get on with reducing their greenhouse gas emissions.

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