Global Warming and Earth's Fragile Atmosphere

The Earth’s Atmosphere

The earth’s atmosphere extends to about 100 Kilometres (62 miles) above the sea level; the boundary where space begins. Earth’s diameter is 13000 Kilometres (8000 miles).

About 80 percent of the atmosphere is contained within its lowest layer, the troposphere, which is, on average, just 12 kilometres (7.5 miles) thick. At about 8 kilometres (5 miles) altitude, there’s insufficient oxygen in the air to sustain human life.



Retired NASA astronaut Scott Kelly commented as he neared the end of a one-year stay aboard the International Space Station in February 2016, he told CNN, “When you look at the atmosphere on the limb of the Earth, I wouldn’t say it looks unhealthy, but it definitely looks very, very fragile and just kind of like this thin film, so it looks like something that we definitely need to take care of.”

Other NASA astronauts have made similar remarks.[1]


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