Journey to Net Zero

Many SME’s are struggling to get started on a sustainable “Journey to Net Zero”.

Maybe because it seems complicated. It’s not complicated, but can be time consuming! You need to identify where energy is being consumed in the business e.g., read your electricity and gas meters, then start to collect and log all the relevant data in an emissions monitor spreadsheet.

OK it’s not that simple! You will need a sustainable strategy to engage everyone in the organisation and roll out the project in small steps. From the data you collect you can decide on key performance indicators and look at ways of reducing your emissions – many will be low cost e.g., changing to a green energy supplier.

Philip Jansen, Chief Executive of BT Group, said:-

“A survey we recently carried out with Small Business Britain found that although 99% of small firms recognise the importance of sustainability, three quarters of them (77%) don’t know how to measure their carbon emissions and need support”. Just one in five have committed to a net zero target.

So if your leadership is contemplating reducing your organisation’s carbon footprint, here’s a handy guide to get started, with some measures you need to consider in a typical small to medium enterprise.

Each measure has a ‘conversion factor’ to convert to KgCO2e (Kilogrammes of CO2 equivalent – your Carbon footprint number). The factors are available from “GOV.UK Greenhouse gas reporting: conversion factors 2021”.

If you need more information or help with all this you can message or contact me direct or my colleagues @Wylde Connections (who are the experts in Sustainability).

Show how good a leader you are and do it now!

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